KM Ware on GTS "10 Years of innovation"

  • KM Ware on GTS "10 Years of innovation"

  • KM Ware Global recently announced a new stage of development in the U.S. market. The company's goal for 2013 is to establish worldwide brand presence and seek out opportunities for non-organic growth.

    This spring, on March 27-29, the annual Global Technology Symposium took place in Silicon Valley, California, successfully celebrating its tenth anniversary. Along with the slogan "10 years of innovation," this eventful 3 day conference boasted a plethora of speeches, roundtables and networking opportunities, attended largely by some of the most prominent representatives of the global IT-market. Present, were investors, executives, entrepreneurs and media representatives in the areas of hi-tech and innovation. The main theme of the symposium was "Entrepreneurship and the Global World".

    CEO of KM Ware Global, Vladimir Yasinsky took part in a discussion panel titled "Frontiers of innovation: where to go next?" along with other industry experts from various regions (USA, Asia, Brazil, Kenya). Numerous topics were discussed such as in-depth views on business growth in both stable and developing economies. At a time when the global economic crisis has caused a rift  in the confidence of tomorrow’s stability, the continuous innovation and the deployment of existing developments helps to display that the economy is showing excellent promise going forward.  The speakers shared their individual views on various business development challenges, and the emerging trends of the near future. In Central Eastern Europe, freedom of innovation is held in high regard, with many progressive thinkers and risk takers pushing the boundaries of modern technology and what it has to offer. By having significant presence in Eastern Europe, KM Ware Global received a great deal of interest at the Global Technology Symposium.

    During discussion, Vladimir Yasinsky highlighted the experiences of KM Ware Global, shining light on the company’s successful global development efforts. He attributed much of this success to the stringent staffing models that have equipped KM Ware with many of the most sought after IT-professionals in the industry, strong vertical expertise, and an acute focus on innovation (with the effective cost of technology). Special attention was paid to the ongoing projects of the company, including medical search platform Health2People and our mobile application for agribusiness, eFarmer.

    In conclusion, the success of KM Ware Global at the Global Technology Symposium 2013 is an indicator that its experts and achievements will allow for a promising competitive advantage as they continue to grow and evolve in the US market. Click here to watch the panel discussion "Frontiers of innovation: where to go next?"