IP Protection

  • IP Protection

  • IP, or Intellectual Property; we all hear about it but what does it really mean? A concept referring to creations of the mind, or intangible assets for which exclusive rights are recognized under the law. Amongst the most common forms of intellectual property are things such as patents, copyrights, and industrial design rights. Due to the intangible nature of things such as these, there is often debate as to what falls under this, frankly rather vague (in some cases) legislature. When it comes to outsourcing software development,  the esurance of the protection of these such rights is seen as a major consideration when corporations are evaluating if outsourcing is a suitable option for their organization.

        In the case of KM Ware, intellectual property plays an important role in developing and securing relationships with our customers. We understand the vital importance of intellectual property protection and work with you to make sure the necessary steps are taken to ensure expectations are met. The IP protection policy at KM Ware addresses 3 primary areas:


    1. Non Disclosure Agreement

      A mutual NDA is signed by both KM Ware and customer upon initial engagement. This document ensures fully confidentiality and outlines the parameters of the agreement, stating the rules and responsibilities for all involved parties.


    1. Employee Education

      KM Ware employees are continuously educated on the importance of confidentiality. We encourage our developers to foster great relationships with clients, helping them to feel engaged with the client company and invested as part of their team. In the past, clients have sent various signage and collateral to really embrace their offshore partners as full time team members.


    1. Confidentiality Agreement

      Upon request, individual and tailored confidentiality agreements can be issued to all development professionals working on client projects.